Electronic Signatures
Electronic Signatures
Electronic Signatures

Collect electronic signatures on any device

Easily gather signatures for contracts, payments, releases, proposals, and more.

Make gathering signatures easy

Reduce paperwork by collecting signatures online. With Formstack Forms, you can easily add an electronic signature field to any of your online forms. All signatures are saved as image files and stored in your Formstack account. Simple, streamlined, and secure.

Capture signatures on any form

Digitize any process by adding a signature field to your online forms. Skip the printing, faxing, and mailing. Start streamlining processes now!

Everyone will love how easy it is to sign with just a swipe of a finger or a stylus pen. No extra steps or products needed.


Formstack provides a variety of safeguards, including encryption, secure SSL connections, and compliance measures.


Our signature field works perfectly on mobile. Collect signatures on the go with your iPhone, Android, iPad, and other devices.


Quickly build your own form, or use one of our 300+ templates. Simply drag and drop the signature field onto your form.


Combine your signature-ready forms with automated document generation to create completely digital workflows.


Use this feature on contracts, employment offers, medical releases, financial documents, and more. Need an audit trail? Check out Formstack Sign!

How It Works

Add an electronic signature field to your forms in seconds

Step 1: Choose the form you’d like to add the signature field to from within your dashboard, or build a new form by clicking the Create button.

Step 2: Find the signature field in the left column, then drag and drop it onto your form.

Step 3: Double click the signature field on your form to access field editing. You can adjust the field’s label and supporting text, make it a required field, and add logic if needed.

To learn more about Formstack's electronic signature forms, please read this help article. You may also want to read about the differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures.

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